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Everyday Life

Hello, I'm a thirty-something cowgirl, living and working on my parent's ranch in Nebraska. I also work full time in a bakery, pays the horse habits, and other living expenses. We have 300+ cows, most of them are Angus/Maine crosses, a few of them are Angus/Hereford/Maine crosses, that are bred to Angus/Maine or Angus bulls. We start calving in March, and finish sometime in May. We also have 15 horses, that are used on a daily basis on the ranch, from sorting cattle, to working and driving cattle.

I also show a few horses in Halter and Western Pleasure. You will see quite a few pictures of Diamonds are Eternal, aka Lilly, she out of my mare Sage, and Bearly A Diamond. I plan on showing her in Halter at a few APHA shows in Halter.

I also have 4 cats indoors, were babysitting my sister's cat while they are stationed in Guam for the next 4 years. And we have 4 outdoor cats, all rescues. The two newest are Hope and Luck, they named them at work. Someone dumped them in the work dumpster. Hope, had to have his eye removed, and Luck is the black long haired kitten.

My journal is friends only, leave a comment, and I'll more than likely add you. If your a grammar nark, you probably just want to by pass this journal.

I don't tolerate rudeness, leave a rude comment, and I'll more than likely have you removed from my friends list. I don't tolerate snarkiness either. I don't like self centered people who thinks the world revolves around them. Get over yourself.

I enjoy photography, and take photos of the daily life of a working ranch, high school rodeos, and a few open horse shows, brandings, newborn livestock, and horse shows. I have filters for some of the ranch work, like the brandings, as some people just don't like seeing calves burnt with a hot iron.

I also enjoy cross stitching, and I have a cross stitching filter, if you want on that filter, just comment and I'll add you to it.

I also enjoy baking, and sometimes post recipes.

There is allot of ranting and raving about work, co workers, in general, there's filter in place for that one too. I sometimes post about relationships.

Days until the first APHA breed show..................

Stitching wish list

Autumn Blessing- Imagnating
Bless Us- Imagnating
Frightful Felines- Imagnating
One Person Per Day- Imagnating

Harvest Blessing- Country Cottage Needlework
Forest Snowfall- Country Cottage Needlework

Christmas Medley Heart in Hand NeedleArt

Projects I'm working on


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